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Converted bungalow with single garage to a

Total interior and exterior renovation

Converted two storey house to a

Converted bungalow into


Two storey with two garages.

with rear addition.

Three storey with rear addition.

two with addition in rear.

Current Projects:

In the Beach

This custom built two storey home situated on a ravine lot exemplifies our philosophy. Our architects and planners worked in conjunction with the conservation authorities to ensure that the natural surroundings blended in with the needs of our client.

Energy Efficient features:

  1. Totally sealed structure from under floor basement insulation to spray foam walls and attic
  2. The most high efficient heating and cooling system by Lenox (98 %)
  3. The most effective fresh air filtering system- 16mir filters and HRV heat recovery unit with EMC motor.
  4. Energy Star windows and doors
  5. Led lighting combined with the latest technological advances
  6. Solar ready for thermal and photovoltaic panels
  7. Water saving fixtures, recirculating systems, grey water recovery and rain water harvesting
  8. Environmentally sustainable building materials

King City Project:

Skp model here

Completed Projects:

Glenhill Trail

This beautifully designed country home contains all of the energy efficient features as our city home with the addition of geothermal heating and cooling. Whatever the site conditions of your project, or the specific dreams you would like to incorporate into it, there is always a solution.

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